Our Mission

CTSC is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that uses the power of technology and internet to empower social change. We do so by creating tools, engaging local developer/hacker community, funding new projects, opening data, releasing media campaigns and advocacy.

Our overarching goal is to create these tools of change using cutting edge technologies and release them to public at no cost. Our focus is in these issue areas:

Open Governance

Citizens have the right to access the documents and proceedings of the government for an effective public oversight. Our vision is to make the government more transparent and accountable by removing the hurdles to access that information and encouraging the possibilities of usage around that data.

Civic Engagement

Responsible and engaged citizens are the cornerstones of social change. Our vision is to engage hacker and non-hacker communities alike by creating spaces of discourse, voice, representation and participation.

Social Empowerment

Power comes from having resources to make personal choices and control over our environment. Our goal is to empower people through economic, social and cultural rights awareness campaigns and advocacy.

CTSC releases Financial Performance Metrics, Accountability & Performance Metrics, Income Statement on a bi-annual basis for all its supporters and donors and its work is openly available in public domain under Open Source and Creative Commons licensing.

Please join us in our journey as we dream to empower change through technology.