Focus Areas

CTSC's primary focus is on empowering lasting social change by improving ones' relationship with the government and also with his community as a whole.

Open Governance

By Facilitating Fair & Impartial access to information, we hope to create equitable opportunities. Also, by organising and improving access to information, we hope to empower Indian citizens to better discern and utilise the already available information.

Civic Engagement

Responsible and engaged citizens are the cornerstones of social change. Our vision is to engage hacker and non-hacker communities alike by creating spaces of discourse, voice, representation and participation.

Social Enterprise

Our vision is to grow and sustain social entrepreneurship by creating incubation and acceleration channels to encourage social innovation.

Awareness & Advocacy Campaigns

Power comes from having resources to make personal choices and control over our environment. Our goal is to empower people through economic, social and cultural rights awareness campaigns and advocacy.

Policy Research & Advocacy

Our policy research and advocacy team is primarily focused on evaluating current tech policy, and putting forward our recommendations.