Join hands in building a more transparent and empowered India

15th Aug. - 2016

Riding on the digital wave, we are releasing a new platform for driving social change through technology in India. As technologists we firmly believe in leveraging technology in connecting with the masses, empowering them and liberating them.

Inspired by a myriad of other open data and open governance initiatives across the world, we are launching CTSC (Center For Technology And Social Change) as a platform to advocate open governance and enable civic engagement. Please join us as we aspire to empower change. 

As a technology focused non-profit, we want to focus in the areas of Open Governance, Civic Engagement, Social Empowerment. Through various campaigns, projects and initiatives in each of these areas, we plan to carry out our mission strategically.

In the coming months, our plan of action is to align ourselves with veteran activists and other social change organizations and lay out a more collaborative path. Our own board members shall form the foundation and the guiding light behind our cause.

As we embark on this journey, we seek your support for this very noble cause. Please donate here.

Srinivas Aki
Executive Director

NOTE: CTSC is a registered Section 8 Company under the Indian Companies Act of 2013. We are yet to receive an 80G certification to accept bigger tax exemptable donations. Please contact us directly in case of any queries or concerns.